Paint Job


Colored aluminum, pigments based on synthetically dyed salmon flesh, 2017




"Paint Job'' is a sculpture series that resembles auto tuning parts. The colors of the aluminium sculptures are selected from the standardized color set ''SalmoFan'' and address the artificial coloring used in aquaculture to imitate the hue that habitat would normally provide in the wild.


The title “Paint Job” could be read as a reference to cosmetic treatment, genetic engineering and food colourants that boost efficiency and profitability. The juicy colors and streamlined design of the sculptures might even be arousing. At the same time, the slang paint job derives from the auto industry and points to low-paid jobs in harmful working conditions. The auto-tuning proves that we cannot escape representational and semiotic terms. By seeing similarities between the customized salmon coloring and auto services, we reflect on the commodification and explore the relationship that material and object have to social class.








Solo show Cold Blooded at Editorial, Vilnius, Lithuania

24 Oct – 23 Nov 2018


Exhibition views: Laurynas Skaisgiela




Solo show Skinny Dip at Studio17, Stavanger, Norway

14 Aug – 19 2018




Solo show Paint Job at Galerie Klubovna, Brno, Czech Republic

28 Feb – 25 March 2018




Group exhibition Chewing Gum That Never Loses Its Flavor at Platform, Stockholm, Sweden

2 Jun – 2 Jul 2017


Exhibition views: Jonas Österholm