HD video, 4:30 min, 2015




"Axles&Planes" is the union of images that were collected on several trips to Hawks Bluff Trail preserve park in Florida, Lithuanian University of Education Sciences greenhouse and stock images. What connect them are performative camera movements such as tilting, panning, zooming , etc. Different times, different places, different authorships on the same timeline. The voice-over translates movements of the camera into spoken text that resembles nature documentary, where film reflects itself, not a subject.


Axles&Planes is an invitation to reevaluate our notion of time and space, since there is no difference between the shape and the perception of the shape but rather a reversible passage, a porosity. Imagine that years before cinema’s birth senses with nature were philosophically engaged, or in other words, they led the way to better understand yourself. Technology made it possible to create new augmentations of human vision, therefore we will further augment reality to uncover new insights. In order to find our place in the landscape we must remain on watch.








Group exhibition Hungry Eyes at Platform, Stockholm, Sweden

24 Oct – 26 2015