Video, HD, sound, 6 min, 2016



The gap created between the two economies of time, where life is lived at a different pace in the place you have temporarily left behind, mind-wandering and repetitive movements of manual labour construct the sequence of the video essay “Afterwork”. A dreamy video narrator is a character composed of poetry excerpts, lyrics, chatbot texts and posts by migrant Eastern European workers in a Facebook group for Norway-based Lithuanians. The narrator leads the viewers through a collage of glossy imagery of sleek car parts, a nature documentary, with the suggestion of an accelerated present.








Group exhibition Antarctica at Kunsthalle Wien, Austria

14 Oct 25 – 14 Feb 2019


Exhibition views: Jorit Aust




Solo show Skinny Dip at Studio17, Stavanger, Norway

14 – 19 August 2018




Solo show Paint Job at Galerie Klubovna, Brno, Czech Republic

28 Feb – 25 March 2018




Group exhibition Chewing Gum That Never Loses Its Flavor at Platform, Stockholm, Sweden

2 Jun – 2 Jul 2017


Exhibition views: Jonas Österholm




Group exhibition Shallow, Quick and Not Yet Titled at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

2 Dec – Jan 11 2017


Exhibition documentation: Andrej Vasilenko