A Romance of Many Dimensions


Video, 3D motion graphics, HD, silent, 30 min loop

Video projection, HD, still

Objects: wood, stainless steel, dimensions variable



Installation “A Romance of Many Dimensions” focus on highly mediated physical space where objects are only simulations and time is measured by notification messages.

The overflow of information and symbols draw a new dimension of representation that operates on the boundaries between illusion, the mise-en-scène and notions of presence and absence.


The installation consists of three objects: video loop of a spinning gun, a projected ray of light and an anamorphic table. Visitors can transform the table replica into a common table when navigating the exhibition space and linking the objects together from different sides of a room. The 3D gun render carries a mirrored reflection of the gallery space that is visible on the shiny surface of it. The barrel of a gun never sets a target - it points out to the space. The projected light that imitates a possible daylight/moonlight ray merges boundaries between presence and simulated nowness.

Installation “A Romance of Many Dimensions” draws traces from simulacra theory, where simulacras are copies that depict things that either had no reality to begin with, or no longer have an original.








Group exhibition Timemaker, Pamarys Gallery, Juodkrantė, Lithuania

11 Jul – 30 Aug 2020




Group exhibition Posthuman Complicities at xhibit art space, Vienna, Austria

9 Mar – 5 May 5 2017


Curated by Lisa Stuckey & Andrea Popelka

Exhibition views: kunst-dokumentation.com




Solo show A Romance of Many Dimensions at Post galerija, Kaunas, Lithuania

12 Dec – 15 Jan 2015